Meet the Leaders

Samuel is a graduade from computer sciences and economics, a privacy and security consultant at, crypto enthusiast, speaker and presenter.

Steve is a director of a data extraction/processing company, a certified Corda developer, and an avid enthusiast of blockchain tech and the IoT….and has an amazing deaf & blind black Labrador.

When Jose saw his first mining rig posting, he knew that was IT. Even with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and having worked for some of the biggest car companies in the world, nothing excites him more than this technology.

As a technologist and privacy advocate, Byron shares our passion for privacy. The urgency he feels in working to secure digital sovereignty will help evangelize our mission across Australia.

Omar is passionate about technology, and loves bringing people together to welcome all to the Collective. He believes that, together, we can learn and spread the word about one of the greatest projects in this space.

Joel is Vice President of Software Engineering at Anytime Mailbox, where he provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative SaaS solutions. He has a master's degree in Technology Management (MTM) from the University of the Philippines."

Casey is an early Bitcoin adopter who retired from the corporate world to focus on advising fintech start-ups and angel investments. He has a keen interest in projects that democratize access to finance and internet technologies.

Aghaonu has been actively engaged in the Blockchain/cryptocurrency industry since 2016. Social Media Marketer, Blockchain/Smart Contract evangelist, Content writer and Virtual Assistant with a passion for finance and technology, Aghaonu is a blockchain thought-leader.

Mike is an old school cyptherpunk, a staunch anti-authoritarian, and an enormous geek. He likes dogs more than people, but tolerates the latter for their contributions to science, technology, and the arts.

Alex is co-founder of EPIC Knowledge Society, one of the largest blockchain education initiatives in India. He has been working in the blockchain education space since 2014.

Şamil is from Turkey and a Civil Engineer, but is also focusing hard on crypto. Currently, he is working with VITE and CHILIZ for Turkish community.

Bryan is a startup veteran and software developer of 12+ years, with a focus on streaming media. He has developed solutions for video streaming and encoding, lossless archival compression techniques, context-aware intelligent systems, and blockchain technology.

Hailing from the north of Spain, Eddy is an entrepreneur, innovator, speaker, a blockchain technology enthusiast fascinated by finance, cryptography. He's also an avid BTC merchant, and a follower of David Chaum's research.

Artem has been working in the blockchain industry for more than five years. He loves organizing events and has hosted MeetUps for several other projects.

Daniel supports educational initiatives with work on blockchain since 2013. He has organised technical workshops and business development programs for blockchain companies in the past few years. He is a strong advocate of artificial intelligence, data privacy and quantum technology.

Ken became fascinated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in late 2013 after being introduced to proof-of-work and mining digital currencies.

Ryan grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area with a passion for technology and future capabilities so he jumped into the world of Salesforce consulting and found his love for Blockchain soon after.

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